Career Options For A Student After 12th

After your 12th board exams, it can be overwhelming to think of the thousands of career options you have at hand. But that’s not the case! This guide provides information on the different career options available to students after their 12th board exams, from the most popular careers in India to those that aren’t as well-known but are actually quite rewarding in terms of salary and job satisfaction. No matter what path you choose after your 12th board exams, this guide will help you find a job that suits your interests, skills, and academic performance!


There are a ton of engineering careers, including aerospace engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. Aerospace engineers work on designing airplanes and rockets that can safely fly through the air. Civil engineers focus on designing buildings and other structures to withstand the forces of nature. Electrical engineers design circuitry for radios, computers, and other electrical devices. Computer science engineers are interested in developing programs that allow us to interact with computers or other digital devices.


If you are interested in the medical field, you can pursue many different types of careers. As a doctor, you could work as a general practitioner or specialize as an orthopedic surgeon, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, pediatrician, or pharmacist. If you are interested in research and development or the pharmaceutical industry, becoming a pharmacist might be a good option for you. Pharmacists analyze drugs and prescribe treatments while educating patients about how to take their medications.


If you’re considering architecture, then you’ve probably heard of the famous Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi. This profession has been around since the 20th century, and architects are primarily responsible for managing the design and construction of buildings. To succeed in this field, you must learn how to be a problem solver and an artist. You’ll need a degree in architecture or engineering; experience can also help your chances of being hired.


India has a diverse range of law degrees available for those who are interested. The common courses offered include criminal law, constitutional law, international law, civil procedure, and legal theory. A degree in Law can lead to careers as an advocate, civil servant (or secretary), judge (at the Supreme Court or High Court level), or even a politician.


An accounting major is an excellent choice for someone looking for a career that is stable and has a lot of job openings. Accountants are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of business transactions and maintaining financial records, which requires knowledge of tax law and general business practices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that accountants will be in high demand through 2022 due to increased businesses filing taxes with the government.


If you are looking for an exciting field of study, economics is a great choice. In this field, you’ll learn about the world and why it behaves the way it does. You’ll get a chance to explore topics like international trade and environmental economics. And if you’re interested in public policy, then this is the major for you. You can go on to work as a financial advisor or economist once your degree is done.


India has a lot of opportunities for someone who wants to pursue a journalism career. Journalism is the process of gathering, analyzing, and presenting news and other information. There are various types of journalism careers, including print journalism, broadcast journalism, and online journalism. In order to be successful as a journalist, you need creativity, excellent writing skills, analytical ability, persistence, and patience.


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